* Retail wine shop - offering wines of the world, with an eye for quality and value (Washington state wine license no. 420003, issued to Epona, LLC)
   * Winery - Estate-crafted wines from exciting modern grape varieties (same WA license as above)
   * Grapes - for the table and for winemaking, grown on a superb south slope 
   * Fruits (including cider apples from very old treees), nuts, vegetables, and grapevine cuttings, grown with organic practices
All on our small farm near Woodland, Washington
Epona - A Grape Story
Grapes are one of the most-loved fruits of the world. For many years, grape breeders have been crossing varieties of grapes to make new varieties. It's a practice found in nature, and it was developed by monks in the Middle Ages: Simply put the pollen from one plant's flower onto the female part of another plant's flower (just as honeybees and the winds do), and if the plants are similar enough genetically, the genes will combine to make a fertile seed of a unique and new variety. Many new varieties are not improvements, but some are exciting grapes that deliver such advantages as better flavor, earlier ripening, more cold tolerance, and greater disease resistance. Epona vineyard contains modern varieties of grapes whose histories stretch from the 1800s to today.
Modern grapes present a valuable advantage over classic winegrapes: Higher disease resistance. Whereas most vinifera vineyards (e.g., Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon) need to be sprayed frequently, due to their extreme susceptibility to fungal diseases, modern varieties are disease-resistant and in Epona vineyard (on steep south-facing slope with good ventilation by the winds) they require no spray at all, ever.  This saves on labor, fuel, and time in the vineyard, and it avoids the loss of beneficial insects and animals killed by inorganic sprays. Modern varieties of grapes are more "Green" than classic vinifera varieties.